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yasser elsheshtawy  sheshtawi@uaeu.ac.ae
Souk Naif is located in an area known as Sabkha one of the older parts of the city. It houses a large low-income expatriate population and has one of the highest densities in the city. It is known for its various commercial outlets and also has a major bus stop. The district contains a market which was popularly known among expatriates from the sub-continent as chapra bazaar, or the shed market, as all the shops were made of metal and aluminum with asbestos sheeting for roofs. Recent renovation efforts replaced this run-down market with a traditional looking version specializing in the selling of fabric and clothes. Of interest is the surrounding area. Here one can find a series of shops, vendors and hawkers who are selling a variety of merchandise and catering to a wider segment of the population. In a maze of narrow alleyways one encounters porters, gatherings at street corners, tea shops and ethnic eateries. A small microcosm of similar settings in India and Africa are thus created in this part of the city.
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souk naif